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The Quantock Hide - the ultimate romantic secluded luxury dog friendly cottage


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The luxury dog friendly Quantock Hide cottage is truly romantic and utterly divine. It is a favourite among honeymooners - mini moons and those celebrating special occasions or for those simply looking for a big dollop of luxury.

The Quantock Hide is off the beaten track and is swathed in romance and luxury. This gorgeous 2 bedroom country chic cottage is approached via its own woodland driveway. The cottage is very special both inside and out, with its rich fabrics, stylish furnishings, and state of the art conveniences. It has a hint of a noble hunting lodge, and a Himalayan garden paradise that's watched over by majestic 400 year old English Beech Trees.

The Quantock Hide is 1 of only 130 properties to be co-marketed with the UK's top boutique luxury agency in the country, who represent the very best holiday homes that are totally unique and thus it commands the price it does and it is our flagship property. 


At A Glance


From £691- £1800

Sleeps 4 + 1 babe in arms

2 double bedrooms with super kings. 2nd room beds can be split to make twins.

1 roll top bath. 1 shower room.

3 dogs of any breed most welcome. More possible on request.

Enclosed gardens, private hot tub and Wood burner

BBQ | Roll Top Bath For 2 | Wifi | Smart TV | Wood Burner | Shower Room | Beautiful Tropical Garden Room & Wild Flower Meadow | Dog Spa | Hot Tub.


The Cottage In Detail



The ground floor open plan living space welcomes you warmly the moment you step inside. From the 'curl-up in' sofa, the wood-burner, the day bed for those afternoon siestas to the designer kitchen, the rich fabrics to the stylish furnishings - every detail speaks volumes.


Inside or out - whatever the season, even a simple meal will be a delight. The kitchen is beautifully equipped, the dining table by the wood-burner is great for winter suppers with the curtains drawn and the garden great for late breakfasts, long picnics and cocktails in the summer sunlight.


Both bedrooms have super king-sized beds, fabulous white linens and a deep sense of tranquility. The master bedroom has a roll-top bath for two - surround this with candlelight and you cannot help but be drawn into the true spirit of The Quantock Hide, especially when you duck under the eaves and climb in to your silk enshrined sumptuous cocoon of a bed. The second bedroom is very pretty, the super king-sized bed can be separated to make twins and it has an adjacent luxurious shower room.


To bathe or shower? Both are luxurious and set up to make sure that you relax after a day of therapeutic fresh air up in the hills or in the sea air along the coastal path from Kilve Beach - a striking Area of Outstanding Beauty - just a mile down the road.


The landscaped enclosed gardens are split into three distinct 'garden rooms' all of which have breath taking views out to sea and up through the ancient beech tree avenue. The large Zen-styled lower terraces flanked by exotic tropical plants are the perfect spot for alfresco dining.

The Secret Garden with its bubbling hot tub, oversized daybed and uninterrupted views of the magnificent 400 year beech trees that tower above it, make counting sheep as one drifts off, so yesterday - counting leaves and figuring cloud formations is much more on-trend.

Allow nature to nurture in the wild flower terraced gardens. Bird song, views out to sea, the 9,500 acres of Quantock moorland over your shoulder, P & Q is a given. All of the gardens are fully enclosed for four footed family members, and there are even outside hot and cold taps for those muddy little paws or even muddier MTB's.

Dog Spa

There is a dedicated doggie spa area in the cottage garden for our canine guests which has hot and cold taps, mixer hose and a bath tub.


The Practicalities


The vehicle approach to the property is easily navigable but it is steep. There is plenty of parking, but there are a set of garden steps (17 steps in total) to go down to reach the property.

Up to three dogs are most welcome. Beds, water bowls and biscuits await them.

Due to the eves in the 2nd bedroom the bed when set as a twin (instead of a super king) the two single beds are pushed up together.

The property is attached to the east end of the owners private stable yard. The Quantock Hide is very secluded and quiet, but from your bedroom windows (which are on the upper floor) you may see the 2 horses below, taking themselves off down the track to their fields.

Most mobile networks work well here. Wifi works well in the property. All main supermarkets deliver to the cottage


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View the Luxury Pet Friendly Quantock Hide's £/Availability/Book


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View the Luxury Pet Friendly Quantock Hide's £/Availability/Book




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Having explored the Quantock Hide please do explore our other two lovely cottages by clicking on the images below.


Dream Relax Unwind

The Quantock Cottage Luxury Dog friendly Collection

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Although we have only 3 luxury pet friendly holiday properties with enclosed garden and open fire it is a huge team and family effort to ensure that our guests both 2 and 4 footed have the best time, so we thought you might like to see who we are.

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There are always many questions one has when considering booking a unique luxury self-catering holiday cottage which is dog friendly and has enclosed grades. We hope to answer most of your questions on this website particularly on our FAQ page. But if not please feel free to contact us




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